About US

Medicart is your pocket-friendly online pharmacy where you can get a wide variety of prescription medicines, non-prescription medicines and other items such as mobility aids and supports, beauty products and much more.

Get up to 40% savings compared to you average retail pharmacy. We deliver within 2 hours wherever you are (within greater Nairobi area for now) via our qualified pharmaceutical technologists.

You have our commitment on supplying high quality medicines and other items coupled with a professional consultation through our trained pharmaceutical technologists at the point on delivery.

How does Medicart work?

  •   Upload your prescription or buy through the online store for your non-prescription items.

  •   For prescription items, your prescription is verified by our pharmacist and you shall get a quote within 15 minutes with comparative retail prices.

  •   Choose whether to buy whole or part of your prescription from Medicart.

  •   Pay using a variety of payment options including cash on delivery.

  •   Wait for our qualified personnel to deliver to wherever you are.

  •   If you have any questions, please call us. The numbers are available within the Application.

Download the App today and experience how easy it is to save time and money

Email: info@medicart.co.ke